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MouseMate Mousing Support
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This support offers consistent wrist support as you mouse. It attaches directly to any mouse and supports your palm in a neutral position as you work. Your hand moves in synchrony with the mouse, so the larger muscle groups of the arm, rather than those of the wrist and the hand, carries the work load to help protect against RSI. For use with either hand.

MouseMate Mousing Support $15.95

SPECIAL OFFER #1 - Order 2 MouseMate Mousing supports and only pay the shipping and handling charge for 1 MouseMate when you order online.  You need one on your mouse at home and one on your mouse at the office.

SPECIAL OFFER #2 - Order 5 or more MouseMate Mousing supports and receive free shipping.  Order one for everybody in the office!

Please mention which special offer you are taking advantage of in the comments section on the order form.

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